What's New! - January Updates to DataSpace Live



January’s updates are now live on your DataSpace Live. We have now added a number of useful facilities.

1.      You can now create a PDF of your list of Documents Approved as part of the plan-checking process. If you create a folder with these in, then you can either plan-share them or use the client folder to share them back with your client. This document can be branded with your own logo’s. To try this out just click on any folder then use the  button in the top left hand corner of any document list. The PDF will be added to your list of documents. Drag it into the client folder to publish it to your client.

2.      Extending the email facilities of DataSpace Live, you can now create a PDF of any correspondence emailed in or out of the system. Just view the email in question, and use the “Create Email PDF” button and your document will be added to your list of documents. If you wish to share this with your client just drag it into the client folder.

3.      Site Contact App Update – More and more authorities are now using the “Site Contact” app to look after their best customers, making it easy to view site inspection notes and actions, and provide photos of remedial work carried out. We are also seeing more and more site inspections requested this way. We have now updated the iOS and Android versions with a number of enhancements to make it even more intuitive.

4.      Surveyors Inspection App – This has had numerous enhancements this month to make housekeeping even easier.

If you have any questions about our recent updates, please contact us on 01242 260505 or at helpdesk@resolutiondm.com

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