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News related to> PlanShare

Recently we’ve introduced the ‘Client’ folder, purposefully developed for the quick sharing of information with the applicant or agent who submitted an application through the Submit-a-Plan Portal. Read the full article on our blog>

30.01.17. Free PlanShare Phone Training  

We are offering free PlanShare training over the us to get started!
Its that time of year when Building Control Managers are wondering what obstacles and challenges may be thrown at them in the year ahead... Read the article Blog>
If you head over to our PlanShare Demo page, you'll be able to watch an introductory demo video about PlanShare as well as a simpel sharing instruction video incase you'd like to have a go sharing a folder of application documents yourself! For a limited time we've given everybody access to the PlanShare tab in DSLive so you can test sharing yourself. To share you need to have the 'documents' tab selected in an application and click on the 'Create Folder' button. Watch our short videos to get started here PlanShare Videos>

01.12.16. Noticed anything different about DSLive?

If you haven't already noticed, take a quick look at your DSLive menu and you'll find you suddenly have a PlanShare and Inspections tab. Why is this? We simply thought that you may wish to take a tour of the solutions yourselves, so why not have a look around and see what you think. If you like what you see, why not call us for a chat or ask us to give you a proper demo.
Recently there has been an increasing call for more transparency and better information being given to the purchasers of new build homes. But what does this actually mean and how can our new information sharing solution PlanShare help? Read our article on our Blog>.

06.07.16. Quick Look: PlanShare Address Book

One of the useful little features of our application and information sharing solution PlanShare is our online PlanShare Address Book situated in DSLive. Authority users can add all their contacts to their address book making sharing applications or other documents with consultees or other authorities quick and easy. More about PlanShare>
For the last few months Carlisle Building Control have been testing out our application and information sharing solution PlanShare. Carlisle were frequent users of our previous consultation solution Consult Live and we're delighted to hear their very positive reaction to its replacement PlanShare. PlanShare makes sharing applications and other information with applicants, agents, consultees or local and fire authorities quicker, easier and more efficient. The simple dragging and dropping of documents into a folder and then sharing that folder with an email address makes sharing documents hassle free and it all happens in DSLive alongside your applications, with the ability to easily switch between viewing the folders you've shared and the original applications. More...