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PlanShare is a web based solution that enables Local Authorities to share application documents and other information electronically online with applicants, agents, inspectors, consultees, site managers and partner or fire authorities and more. PlanShare is situated within DataSpace Live, our online system used by authorities to accept, process and approve applications.

Local Authorities can share application documents with individual or groups of consultees to review and comment on applications in DataSpace Live, facilitating a shared consultation environment that is dynamic, secure and feature rich. Consultees do not require any new software but simply receive an email notification which links them to the application online.

As a web based solution, PlanShare allows flexible working and consultation where applications can be accessed at any time and from any location, facilitating home and site working. PlanShare is a great solution to the increasing need of authorities to externalize plan and structural checking activities to outside providers and is designed with functionality to preserve the confidentiality of sensitive information.

Sharing Documents

Applications received from Submit-a-Plan, the Planning Portal and scanned paper applications can all be shared with consultees. Using PlanShare an authority can simply drag and drop application plans and documents into a folder and then share that folder with any consultee email address entered manually or from an address book of frequently used contacts. 
The consultee will receive an email notifying them that an application folder has been shared with them and a link will direct them to the PlanShare online in DataSpace Live. If the invited party already has a DataSpace Live account registered under the email address the application folder was shared with, the PlanShare will appear in their DSLive account under a brand new PlanShare section. If they do not already have an account, an account will be automatically created for them when the folder is shared.

Once logged in to their DSLive account, the consultee can post comments and view, download and upload documents, while our Document Viewer offers advanced measuring, markup and redlining tools for assessing plans with. Consultees are able to view and respond to comments and documents added by the authority or other participating consultees.

PlanShare enables you to have complete control over your shared applications and data. Before sharing a folder the authority can apply settings controlling what a consultee can view, download, upload and comment on, allowing you to protect any confidential information or documents. 

With PlanShare situated right alongside your Submit-a-Plan applications in DataSpace Live and with the ability to switch between viewing a PlanShare and its original application at the touch of a button, creating, viewing, managing and navigating a PlanShare consultation is quick, easy and efficient.

Document Tools

The DSLive document viewer supports 250+ file formats enabling fast and simple viewing of the native file formats, without complex file translation and its inherent problems. As well as viewing textual documents, specific functionality is provided to deal with plans such as redlining, mark-up, calibration, measuring and printing to scale. Consultees can comment on, upload and download documents.

Commenting Tools

Comments can be added to documents or as general comments and once a comment is posted, the local authority and other consultees are notified by email. Comments and responses can be viewed by all but not edited, enabling an incremental iterative approach to consultations - resolving conflicting views between consultees as part of a dynamic consultation process and providing an audit trail. A filter tool enables you to view a list of specific types of comments.

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