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Our Local Authority Accounts

We have a series of accounts for local authorities that offer different levels of functionality and services dependent on what your authority needs. You can find out more about our solutions and services under our 'Building Control'> or 'Development Control'> pages on this website.

Our Brochures

Below are brochures providing information about the different services we offer at Resolution. Our main ‘Submit-a-Plan Brochure' gives an overview of both 'Submit-a-Plan' (the national portal for submitting building control applications online to Local Authorities) and 'DataSpace Live' (the system authorities use to receive, process, inspect, plan-check, consult and approve those applications online). Also outlined in this brochure are the different levels of authority account subscriptions and partnership setups we have to offer.
Also available on this page are brochures that go into more detail about our specialist modules such as 'PlanShare' and 'DSLive Inspections' and 'PlanCheck'. If you are a development team why not download our 'DSLive Planning' brochure or if you have scanning or file conversion work that needs to be carried out, our 'Resolution Scanning Bureau' brochure highlights the many services currently available at our specialist scanning facility.

Submit-a-Plan Accounts and Setup>


Submit-a-Plan Local Authority Brochure

Our main brochure provides an overview of our Submit-a-Plan and DataSpace Live solutions as well as descriptions of all of our different levels of Local Authority subscriptions. The brochure outlines the different setup options authorities can choose from and how this can benefit authorities in the processing and approving of their building control applications. Also included are descriptions of our various add-on modules including PlanShare and our Inspections Module. download>

DataSpace Office Live

‘DataSpace Office Live’ is the most advanced of our local authority Submit-a-Plan accounts. It comprises all the core tools and functionality for receiving and processing applications submitted electronically through Submit-a-Plan as well all our specialist modules for assessing and approving them online in DataSpace Live. This account gains its name of 'Office' because in addition it aims to provide solutions to all your department's administrative and management tasks with a set of sophisticated and bespoke tools that are unrivalled in the industry. download>

Submit-a-Plan Partnership Configuration

With more and more local authority building control partnerships emerging, our Partnership Configuration options have been developed to assist them in managing the applications and workloads of multiple building control departments. Our Partnership setups enable the reassigning of applications to specific teams and the ability to monitor the work coming in. Whatever your situation, our Partnership Configurations can help youmanage your partnership easily and efficiently. download>

DSLive Planning

DataSpace Live for Planning  enables authorities to import, view, process, approve and consult on planning applications submitted to the Planning Portal.
Featuring full 1APP integration  all applications made on the Planning Portal are automatically imported into DataSpace Live, where authorities can then use our advanced tools and modules to process and consult on them electronically online without having to print and post copies, resulting in a quicker, simpler and more efficient approval process. download>

DataSpace Live Modules>



Our brand new information sharing solution PlanShare enables Local Authorities to easily share application and other documents with applicants, agents, consultees and fire and local authorities. Situated in DSLive itself, sharing is assimple as dragging and dropping documents into a folder and sharing that folder with individual or groups of email addresses. The sharing of a folder also creates an online consultation environment where you and your consultees can comment on and assess plan using our advanced tools and document viewer. download>


PlanCheck is a web based solution that enables Local Authorities to carry out their plan-checking tasks online within DataSpace Live, our online system used by authorities to accept, process and approve applications. Authorities can assess and comment on plans against a comprehensive ‘Check' List. As they work their way through the list they can assign statuses, report outstanding conditions and even add comments to each check. At any time the authority can use a 'Notify' button to send an automated email or text message of any outstanding conditions that require attention to the applicant or agent. The applicant or agent can then login to their Submit-a-Plan account to respond with a comment or upload any documents as required. download>

DSLive Inspections

Our DSLive Inspections module enables Local Authorities to manage and carry out inspections electronically. The module includes a mobile and tablet Inspections App for completing inspection reports electronically both online or offline and an Inspections Tab within DSLive for scheduling inspections, assigning officers and creating reports on inspections coming into your department. Our DSLive solutions fully synch with DSLive and aims to improve the efficiency and also the transparency of the entire building control inspection process. download>

Site Contact App

The Site Contact App enables Site Managers to receive details, results and live updates on inspections to their phone or tablet device and even request inspections visits from Local Authorities. They will also have their own DataSpace Live account where they can log on to view the same details. download>

DSLive Application Payment Engine

Our Application Payment Engine enables authorities to request, track, remind and receive online payment for applications through Submit-a-Plan. Local authorities can send a payment request from DSLive which appears in the applicant or agent's Submit-a-Plan while also notifiying them by email. Submit-a-Plan will then direct the applicant to the local authority's own secure online payment system to complete their payment. download>

My Virtual Mail Room - Scan-on-Demand

With our My Virtual Mail-Room module, all paper applications local authorities receive can be scanned by us at Resolution and delivered into your DSLive account ready for electronic processing and approval or consultation. Whether newly submitted or archive, paper based applications are sent to our Scanning Bureau Facility by DX post or collected by courier and if they arrive by the following morning, they will then be scanned and uploaded to DSLive by 5pm the same day.All applications scanned by the bureau are returned electronically and are quality assured and delivered within a guaranteed time. download>

    Bureau Services>


Resolution Scanning Bureau

Here at Resolution our specialist Scanning Bureau offers a wide range of document, plan scanning and file conversion services. Our customers cover the whole of the UK and we are recognised as one of the leading service providers. The Resolution Scanning Bureau has built up an enviable reputation for providing accurate, high quality, time critical services to Local Authorities and commercial organisations. download>

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