'DataSpace Live' for Planning

DataSpace Live (DSLive) for Planning is a web based solution that enables Local Authorities to receive, view, process approve and consult on planning applications electronically over the internet. The solution requires no in-house software installation or the provision of expensive servers.

Scanned and Electronic Applications

Applications already scanned to enable public consultation and applications received electronically through the Planning Portal can now be provided to statutory consultees without the high costs of document printing and paper distribution.

Featuring full 1APP integration all applications made on the Planning Portal automatically appear in DSLive for processing. Even scanned paper applications can be delivered directly into to DSLive just like an electronic application.

Resolution can also scan all paper applications received and deliver them directly into DataSpace Live just like an electronic application with our 'My Virtual Mail Room' scanning bureau service.

DSLive Processing 

DataSpace Live provides all the tools needed to process electronic applications, enablign authorities to view, measure, print, approve, download and consult on applications, all though a web browser, from any location.

DataSpace Live features powerful document viewing tools and supports 250+ file formats enabling fast and simple viewing of native file formats, including being compatible with CAD and scanned hand-crafted drawings. Specific functionality is provided to deal with plans such as calibration, measuring and printing to scale.

With a built in mao interface and diary, DataSpace Live pinpoints work locations and helps plan activities. Application details can easily be shared with third party back office software with the DSLive 'Quick Fill' tool.

Our advanced 'Office' account also covers all your administrative  and management needs, from creatign certificates and documents, creatign reports and defining application workflows through your department.

PlanShare and e-Consultation

PlanShare enables the quick and easy sharing of application documents and other information with individual or groups of applicants, agents, consultees and local and fire authorities. PlanShare creates a secure, feature rich, dynamic online consultation environment in DSLive where consultees can be incorporated into the electronic approval process and the need for Local Authorities to print and post application can be removed. 

Consultees do not require any new software and simply receive an e-mail notification which links them to the shared PlanShare. For any comment posted or document edited/uploaded, the Local Authority is notified and directed to the relevant activity. Other consultees comments can be viewed but not edited enabling an incremental iterative approach to consultations, resolving conflicting views between consultees as part of a dynamic consultation process. 

By extending the usage of electronic data into the consultation environment, the cost of scanning any paper applications is justified by removing the cost of creating multiple paper copies and the costs of manual paper distribution.

Flexible Working

DSLive provides Local Authorities with flexible working as standard. Because DSLive is web based and operates from the Cloud, applications and consultations can be accessed at any time and from any location, facilitating home and site working.

The Easy and Low Cost Solution

DSLive modules are hosted by us here at Resolution they do not require any onsite installation or provision of expensive servers for authorities. The intuitive design of our solutions also enables training to be kept to a minimun, helping to keep the costs low.

DSLive is continuously updated online ensuring that users are always running on the latest version, thus removing the need for costly onsite upgrades.

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