Resolution Bureau Services (RBS) 

RBS has been providing bureau services to the imaging market for 15 years. We have a loyal and dedicated staff that have built up a tremendous knowledge base to service this market. RBS has developed a high skill level at suppling many services with great accuracy, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Quality, Accuracy & Efficiency

RBS warrant all the work at a high rate of accuracy rate of 99.35% on indexing and all image quality aspects. RBS meets full legal specification for legal admissibility and has achieved full compliance with an external audit to meet BSI/ANSI – 110008/BIP0008 specifications. RBS also is fully GDPI compliant and has definitive GDPI statements available if required.
RBS prides itself on the very highest levels of document security, quality and efficient turnaround of all it’s services.  

RBS can offer:-

  • A time specific guaranteed delivery of all work
  • A comprehensive range of indexing options to ensure full and correct retrieval
  • A wide and comprehensive range of output formats to cater for any and all document management systems.
  • A full and legally secure method of document destruction after scanning.
  • A unique and complete pricing system that warrants and guarantees the full and final price
  • Full case history and Client reference statements covering a wide range of services

Full Range of Scanning Services:

Traditional Archive Scanning

(Where a Client has a lot of paper and wants it converted to go into a form of Image Repository from which it can be easily and accurately retrieved).
It does not matter what the paper size is RBS can cope from very small pieces of paper through A4 and up to AO. These images can be output in any viewing format from TIFF through to the most common type of PDF Image. 
All the images will be correctly indexed and output in the correct format. In all cases we can also provide the index XML tailored so that it can be imported directly into nearly all DMS (Document Management Systems). All this work is warranted to be 99.35% error free.
RBS, over the years, have developed a unique system that involves on-site cataloguing of all documents to be removed. This system ensures that no document can go missing and no document can not be scanned. It also ensures highly accurate indexing. The system is unique, perhaps one of the only Bureaus in the country to adopt this system and assists RBS with conformity to legal compliancy. 

Daily Scanning

This service is provided to those clients that have a daily scanning requirement. The paper can either be delivered directly to a special PO Box number so that the client does not need to even see the paper OR can be delivered by courier. Most of our Clients use the DX Service which is very reasonably priced and arrives every day at 08.00am. The full scanning and upload specification is previously agreed with the client.
The paper arrives, RBS scans it, and uploads it daily by 16.00hrs. It is normally uploaded to our very secure SFTP and then, in most cases, automatically download into the Clients Image Repository area. This complete function can be fully automated, or Client configured.
This is a popular efficient service and is used by Councils and both Small and large Commercial organizations. Very often, the images are stored in a cloud based DMS system or repository, so the client does not have any Client internal issues to worry about.

Scan on Demand (SoD)

This is perhaps the fastest growing segment of the RBS business.
This service has many different Client uses and applications. Below are examples of some of them.

Traditional Scan on Demand

When RBS converts a traditional Archive Scanning application it is normal for the Client to request a file  is returned during the process. As the Client has a copy of the RBS on-site catalogue it is easy for the Client to locate the item they are looking for. If they email RBS with the specified information then RBS can easily locate the document, scan it, encrypt the images and place it onto the RBS SFTP for access by the Client who will have been issued with special passwords.  This ensures the Client of business continuity during the conversion process. Requests made in the morning are uploaded and notified to the Client within 4 hours.

Storage and SoD

When a Client has a lot of paper stored in boxes then RBS can do a detailed catalogue of the boxes and its contents, put them in the RBS Warehouse facility and if a client requires a file then they can refer to the catalogue and RBS processes it in the same way as the Traditional SoD. 

Storage and controlled scanning of document over a longer period of time (Annual SoD)

This service is becoming very popular with both the Public Sector and Commercial Clients. Quite often an organization will have a lot of paper that they need or would like scanning. The trouble is they cannot fund the scanning as one process. Again, RBS carry out an on-site catalogue so both parties know exactly what files and boxes are being stored and then the Client agrees a monthly scanning allocation which normally last two, three or sometimes in large paper stores five years. The Client gets all their files converted, gradually reduces their box storage costs and ends up with all the benefits of the efficiency and security created by using scanned images. This is a very popular service.

The Post Box System (PO Box)

This is a simple generic description of the service, but it can be designed such that it is fully automated. Clients such as legal, commercial firms and Councils that receive quantities of paper every day but do not want to handle it or get involved with the paper conversion use this service. We create a special PO Box number for a client. The Client instructs his clients to send the mail directly to the PO Box. RBS receives the files/documents, scans them, indexes them to the Clients standards and deliver the scanned information via the RBS secure SFTP system form where the images can be downloaded in various ways. This whole process can be fully automated, so it requires very little Client intervention. 

Format Conversion

Image and document format conversion and rescaling/rotating, duplicate detection and removal, file consolidation and rules-based classification and reorganisation. Images can be annotated or have metadata embedded or provided as a separate manifest file. All common and many less common formats handled.


Classification and indexing of documents via automatic, semi-automatic or manual processes, with option of dual independent double keying for ultimate indexing accuracy. Export via SFTP, Portable encrypted media or direct connection to a clients DMS system using encrypted transfer for maximum security.
Systems are also available to manage and track physical files by use of multistage bar codes that can be located and securely managed.

OCR and Adobe Acrobat Formats 

Creation of searchable PDF and or separate Text files using optical character recognition (OCR) as an output from the scanning process or from supplied images. In addition RBS can carry out Form Recognition process that will strip specified data segments or specific areas of data.

Document Storage and Document Destruction

Storage of document archives in our managed warehouse facilities, including rapid response and delivery.
Secure and managed document destruction to full legal standards.

Consultancy Services

Evaluation of current filing systems and recommendations for converting to document management systems.

Client References

RBS will be happy to provide a selection of Client reference 


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