Brighton and Hove tool up for site inspections


The surveyors at Brighton and Hove, will be carrying out site inspections tooled up with the latest Samsung tablets and the Dataspace Building Control Inspection App.
“The main aim is to reduce the time spent retrieving application details and recording site inspections.  I am confident that this will give my surveyors more time to look after our customers and  deliver an even better service.”
“By removing the travelling and admin burden associated with collecting and printing digitised plans and making reporting more efficient using photographs and standard notes our service will become more efficient.  This is crucial at a time when we need to maximise the skills and resources available to us without the burden of additional processes. Not to be underestimated one of the significant benefits is the ability to share inspection details effortlessly and instantly with our clients and the wider project team.”
“It’s a win, win situation with more productive surveyors, compliance with the new DCLG guidance for the collection and sharing of inspection records and clients being kept up to speed with our involvement using a mobile solution. ”
Mike Sansom Building Control Manager Brighton and Hove
The Dataspace Inspection App initially connects to the web to download individual officers allocated site details along with their associated inspection regimes, documents, plans, site contacts, previous inspection notes and outstanding actions. Once on site, the current inspection details are recorded using a combination of notes, outstanding actions, audio notes, standard paragraphs and photographs, with previous outstanding actions, plans and documents available for reference whilst off line.
When a web connection is available the latest inspection details and photographs will be upload to the web and public notes instantly shared with site specific contacts such as the agent, site manager or owner. The allocation of site inspections across the surveying team is administered centrally with individual surveyors downloading new sites and being notified by text of new scheduled inspections.
Once the job is complete a compiled inspection report document is created and can be saved in the council corporate solution.
For more information on the Dataspace Live Inspection App visit our DSLive Inspections page here>