The ‘Client’ Folder 


Recently DSLive has seen the addition of a new ‘Client’ folder to the application ‘Documents’ tab. The ‘Client’ folder enables authorities to quickly and easily share documents with the applicant/agent such as completion certificates or inspection documents. Sharing documents is as easy as dragging and dropping them from the main list of application documents into the new ‘Client’ folder, which will automatically cause the documents to appear in the applicant/agent’s own Submit-a-Plan account where they can view them. The applicant or agent will also receive a notification email that documents have been shared with them. 

The addition of the client folder follows our recent release of ‘Standard Documents’, a facility enabling authorities to create a range of documents online within DSLive itself. Authorities can create and edit their own templates for initial notices, approval certificates, inspection reports and standard letters which can then be shared as a final document with an applicant, agent or another contact straight from DSLive itself. The ‘Client’ folder makes sharing such a document with the applicant or agent even quicker, meaning it will take authorities as little as 4 or 5 brief steps to create and share a document.