DataSpace-Live - Your Contingency Plan!


Floods, Heavy Snowfall, Viruses! There are many things that can disrupt our jobs! What happens when the office is flooded, or you're snowed in at home, or have to self isolate for two weeks?! What happens to your authority's busy workload,  emails in inboxes that need answering, application plans that need checking, inspection visits that need attending. Well good news - DataSpace-Live is designed to have your back in these unexpected circumstances. 
Not long ago Carlisle Building Control's offices were flooded with water! But because they use DataSpace-Live - which operates from the Cloud, they were able to login to their DataSpace-Live account from outside the office. They were able to access applications and assign inspections as usual and carry on about their normal working day.
Heres what Matt Dowdell, Building Control Business Development Manager at Carlisle Council, had to say about DataSpace-Live:
I have been using Submitaplan to work away from the office on a regular basis for the last 2 ½ years and routinely use the app for scheduling and recording inspections notes. The ability to link photographs straight into inspection reports has been really useful. 
We’re also working with our builders use the resolution app to schedule their own inspections and access their inspection reports.
One of the key reasons for buying the system in was to mitigate risk to service delivery.  Our office was flooded in 2005 and 2015 and was inaccessible for several days. By having our current workload scanned onto the system we can now carry out plan assessments and schedule and record site inspections remotely. We are not tied to the office in order to work, and there is not no risk that loosing the councils servers will stop us working.
The office is now ‘paperless’ with new application either coming directly through Submitaplan, or being scanned in house on receipt. Correspondence is shared through the dataspace together with decision notices and approved plans and details. This has saved on stationery and mail costs, scanning costs and office space.
Matt was also kind enough to say the he found the technical support offered by resolution to be very responsive to service issues and quick to consider and enact improvements to the system. Thanks Matt for your kind words - we're delighted to hear how DataSpace-Live has benefited you not only during your day to day duties but also in adverse conditions.
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