Corporate Submit-a-Plan Accounts for Agents

08 July 21

We have recently introduced corporate accounts which allow multiple users to share a Submitaplan submission account. This means an applicant/agent can see their own, and optionally all their colleagues Submissions, just by toggling a button.
Although many clients have been using a single account to submit applications, this means the authority don’t get a reliable point of contact about that application. Now clients can choose to setup a corporate account to make life easier, and means each of their staff can focus on their own applications, and also notifications will be more relevant. The advantage to you, is that you can make better use of the time savings of the automated notification, planchecking and plan-sharing systems within DataSpace-Live.
If you have a client that would like this setting up for them please let us know and we will contact them to set it up. Completely new customers will soon be able to do this for themselves, but we will confirm when this is available.
Site Contact Profiles
We have had some feedback from clients that sometimes Site-Contacts feel bombarded with information, so we have added a contact profile for each site contact that defines what notifications they will get. They can also opt-in or out of certain notifications as follows
  • Comments
  • Appointments
  • Reports
  • Documents
This allows the site contact facility to be used more widely as interested parties can be added without bothering them with too many notifications.

To chat to us about our corporate accounts, call 01242 260505 or email