Home working accounts now ready for switch on.


>> "Home Working Accounts Functionality PDF"  <<DOWNLOAD HERE>>

We are ready to switch on your free upgrades to enable home working for your Building Control team when you are. Read more below or why not download the above PDF for more detailed information.
1.What does my home working account give me access to?
a.Your on -line home working account enables your team to access any applications in your DataSpace Live account that have come through Submit a Plan or been registered manually. The information includes the application form and any attached documents or drawings.
2.What functionality will I have out of the box?
a.There is a full list of functionality attached below to include full plan viewing, measuring, searching, Plan sharing and communications.
3.How do I enable my accounts?
a.Just email us with the names, phone numbers and email addresses of your team and we will set them up for you.
4.Is there additional functionality my team can access?
a.In addition to the standard features we can enable plan checking, and the inspection App for you but this will take more time to configure and we will prioritise the basic account setup for new departments initially. Again this is outlined in the details below.
5.Are there any costs involved?
a.Whilst government advice is to work at home there will be no additional charges. After this period you can simply revert to your old systems. Applications that are in your account can easily be downloaded as required. 
>>Download our Home Worker Functionality PDF below for more information.


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Tony James - Director

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Home Worker Account Functionality PDF