IAppy Replacement


We’ve recently been informed by some of our customers that there may be questions about the future of the IApply service. We understand this is probably causing any of those potentially affected a lot of anxiety, but don’t panic, Submit-a-Plan can provide a similar solution that is quick and easy to set up, with minimal disruption to you or your clients and is competitively priced!
Our agile online building control solutions cater for singular and partnership authorities, have flexible access to facilitate hot-desking, home or remote working and makes submitting applications simple and straightforward for applicants and agents. In addition, we demand no extra application charge from your clients for using the Submit-a-Plan Portal and we never, ever advertise Approved Inspectors!!!
Submit-a-Plan and DSLive do not require any onsite installation or provision of expensive servers for authorities, meaning they can both be setup almost immediately while the intuitive design of our solutions also enable training to be kept to a minimum.

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