New Updates to our Inspection Solutions


The Inspection app has had many recent improvements all aimed at improving speed and ease of use and mainly from end user feedback. We have added the ability to quickly add multiple photos, dictate descriptions, and improved the ability to collect photos from your gallery. Synchronising inspections for quick departure has improved giving you the ability to just synchronise applications you are visiting today or tomorrow. We have also improved readability within the app, green highlighting Inspections scheduled for today, and in red for ones in the past. To facilitate a dated photo report, you can now ensure comments and photos are dated the same day as the inspection even if you add them the morning after your visit.
To help surveyors improve communications the App lets you send an SMS or call directly any site-contacts that have been added straight from the inspection itself. You can even create templates to make it even quicker. The surveyor can also easily schedule their next visit while standing with the builder on-site.
One of the most requested improvements has been the ability to pull down from DataSpace Live, any document/plan etc. straight from the app, without having to add it to the inspection folder. (Requires internet connection). This now means you can go to a site without it being scheduled, download the application, add an inspection and get any document associated with it all while on-site, as long as you have a connection.
The inspection module has received a lot of practical updates, mainly aimed at reducing the number of applications surveyors keep on their devices. We now prompt for removing applications, and have a dedicated clear-up tool.
The site-contact app has been improved to allow the user to respond directly to any issue raised both with comment replies and photos. This is aimed at reducing the number of re-visits.
DataSpace Live has had a new Dated report facility added. This means you can create a PDF report of any visit made for any given day. This is a hotly requested report by larger commercial clients which can summarise the outcome of any inspection.
This has led to added facilities to date inspection photos not taken with the app, and also the ability to add comments which are dated with the inspection’s date.
STOP PRESS. Just completing pre-release is a new Site Inspection scheduling interface which now allows you to see at a glance all inspections required for the day, and all surveyors available and which inspections they have assigned to them. You can then just drag-n-drop the inspection to the surveyor. Once you are happy with the assignments you can save them and each surveyor will get a text/email confirming their appointments for the day, including seeing them geographically.
We have also added a raft of features to facilitate multi-plot inspections, including copying across site-contacts and inspection regimes for similar properties.

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