Luton go live with Bespoke Application Forms


Who fancies their own bespoke Submit-a-Plan application forms with your council’s own graphics and individualised to include fields and questions of your choice? We do! And so did Luton Building Control. 
The bespoke forms we have created for Luton ask all the traditional questions usually seen in a building control application form but by Luton's request now also ask clients if a property is a HMO, whether it is rented out and also the details of the builders being used for a project. 
Once a council has decided on the questions they want added to their application form, they can then also choose to add corresponding fields to the Live-Overview Panel and Standard Document Templates so the captured data can also be used elsewhere in DataSpace-Live. 
If you fancy getting your hands on your own bespoke application forms then get in touch to have a chat with us about your requirements or to see an example form.
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