Southend-on-Sea subscribe to online application payment. 


We are also pleased to announce that Southend-on-Sea Borough Council have subscribed to our our 'Payment Engine Module', enabling them to receive online debit and credit card payments from applicants through Submit-a-Plan by integrating their DSLive account with their own online payment system. The authority can send, monitor and re-send payment requests to the applicant or agent straight from the application in DSLive.
The benefit of our Payment Module is that applicants will not need to post cheques while Local Authorities will no longer need to handle them or take debit and credit card details over the phone for processing. The module has also been designed with flexibility in mind, enabling authorities to each set their own pricing and adjust payment fees after reviewing an application and before a payment request is sent to the applicant, meaning that all online payments are for the correct amount for each individual application. The Payment Engine module was designed to make the whole process of Building Control application submission and payment achieveable quickly and easily online. 
Find out more about our Payment Engine Module by downloading the brochure below:

DSLive Payment Engine 

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