Try out our new PO Box address for Paper Application Scanning.

Even those authorities primarily accepting electronic applications online are bound to still receive some paper applications, but what do you do with them? How do you process them?
Why not try out our Scanning Bureau’s new PO Box address!
Our existing 'Scan-on-Demand' service enables authorities to send any paper applications they receive by DX post or courier to our specialist Resolution Scanning Bureau where we then scan and upload them as electronic applications to their DSLive account either by the same day or guaranteed next day. 
With a reputation for great quality at a very reasonable cost our scanning service is a much more economical and popular option for authorities than scanning their applications themselves.
With our new PO Box address things are now even quicker and simpler! Authorities can simply put our PO Box address on their PDF application forms and website so applicants and agents can send their paper applications directly to us at our Scanning Bureau, meaning authorities no longer have to wait for paper applications to arrive at their office before sending them on to us, missing out an entire step in an already highly efficient scanning service.
With the paper applications they receive being scanned and uploaded to DSLive alongside their electronically submitted ones, authority building control departments (and especially authority building control partnerships) move ever closer to having all their applications in one place and consolidating their admininstration, improving overall efficiency.
For more information about our PO Box service please do get in touch at the contact details below or for more information about the full range of scanning, archiving and file conversion services we offer visit our Scanning Bureau page here>

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