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30.10.17 Our Applicant & Agent Client Portal! Everything your client needs!

Did you know that we provide applicants and agents with the most advanced client application portal? Our Submit-a-Plan applicant and agent accounts offer 24hr online submission, the upload of additional or revised documents and online application status tracking, but they also boast an extensive list of more advanced functionality, all available in one place online in their accounts. Read more...​
30.10.17 Building Control Solutions try out our new PO Box address for Paper Application Scanning.
Our brand new PO Box Scanning address enables applicants and agents to send their paper applications directly to our Scanning Bureau where we can then scan and upload them as electronic apps to your DSLive account by the same day or guaranteed next day, a more economical option than authorities scanning applications themselves. Building Control Solutions are the first authority to try out our new PO Box... Read More>
30.10.17 Carlisle subscribes to both our Inspections Module and Archive Scanning Service!
Carlisle is the latest authority to subscribe to both our Inspections Module and our archive scanning service. Carlisle’s Surveyors will be using the ‘Inspections’ tab in DSLive to schedule and manage their inspection bookings and results while also making use of our mobile and tablet Inspections App to carry out inspection visits on site (online or offline). They will also be sending us their boxes of paper applications to be scanned and uploaded to their DSLive application archive, making them instantly accessible as electronic applications and freeing up expensive council office space. Find out more about our Inspections Module & App> or our range of Scanning Services>
04.10.17 DSLive Article: The Client Folder and Sharing Standard Documents
Recently we’ve introduced the ‘Client’ folder, purposefully developed for the quick sharing of information with the applicant or agent who submitted an application through the Submit-a-Plan Portal. Read the full article on our blog>
04.10.17 Site Contact App Brochure
Interested in our Site Contact App? Why not download our new brochure here> or from our main Brochures page>
04.10.17 New DSLive Manuals
If you were interested in seeing how some of our latest modules and tools work, we've added some draft manuals to our DSLive Help Hub guide-sheet section. While some of the details and processes may change slightly, these guides will give you a good idea of how our new Plan-Checking, Reports, Standard Forms, User Admin Tool and Site Contact App work and can assist your department(s). DSLive Guide-sheets> Also if you are interested in what we're working on for DSLive at the moment, you can keep an eye on what's coming soon on our DSLive Development page>
27.09.17 ‘Building Control Solutions’ increase their Submit-a-Plan Applications with just a few simple changes to their building control website!
Submit-a-Plan and DSLive are designed to offer a complete and advanced electronic online solution that not only improves the efficiency of application submission and approval, but also the overall efficiency of how Building Control departments operate. Integral to this is electronic applications submitted online. If you are already receiving electronic applications through the Submit-a-Plan portal you are already off to a good start, but do all of your customers know about the service or know that it is your ‘preferred’ method of application?  ‘Building Control Solutions’ (Wokingham, West Berks, Windsor & Maidenhead), recently improved the way in which they promote electronic submission via Submit-a-Plan on their website and these few simple adjustments have seen the number of their electronically submitted applications increase by approximately 30% already, and so improving efficiency for their department. Congrats guys!

To read more about how 'Building Control Solutions' managed this and to download our 'Submit-a-Plan Marketing Resource' for some quick tips on adjusting your own building control webpages, read more here...
19.09.17 Initial Notices can now be registered in DataSpace Live!
As well as all of the other application types, initial notices can now be registered into DataSpace Live. We will also shortly release a new form that can be made available for Approved Inspectors to fill in online and which will be submitted instantly to the building control team and into DataSpace Live. This can be enabled on a per Authority basis so please let us know if you would like to be added.
19.09.17 We now hire tablets to authorities!
If you interested in trying out our Inspections App you may wish to hire a tablet from us. You can hire a tablet for £50 for a month with a limit of one tablet per authority. Long term hire rates are available on request.​​
19.09.17 DSLive Inspection App now on Google Play and the Apple App Store to download!
Fancy trying out our mobile and tablet inspections app? You can now download the app from the Google Play or the Apple App Store and if you request some app login details from us, we can then set you up with a demo inspection to have a play around with. So ... 1. download the app 2. request login 3. give it a go...easy. Find out more about DSLive Inspections.​
11.09.17 Luton ready to embark on daily scanning of their paper applications
Luton are another authority set to begin the scanning and uploading of all paper or emailed applications they receive to their DSLive account. The ‘Create’ button in DSLive provides the opportunity for authorities to quickly and easily upload all such applications to be processed and approved with all the same tools and functionality of DSLive that authorities use to process their electronic Submit-a-Plan apps. Read More...
11.09.17 The ‘Client’ Folder – Coming soon to DSLive
Shortly DSLive will see the addition of a new ‘Client’ folder to the application ‘Documents’ tab. The ‘Client’ folder enables authorities to quickly and easily share documents with the applicant/agent such as completion certificates or inspection documents. Read More...
15.07.17 Brighton and Hove tool up for site inspections...
The surveyors, at Brighton and Hove, will be carrying out site inspections tooled up with the latest Samsung tablets and the Dataspace Building Control Inspection App. “The main aim is to reduce the time spent retrieving application details and recording site inspections.  I am confident that this will give my surveyors more time to look after our customers and  deliver an even better service.” Read More...
24.04.17. User Admin Tool
Soon to be released is new our 'User Admin Tool' which enables authorities themselves to control some of their DSLive users, settings and information as well as creating reports. Find out more about the Admin Tool here>
28.03.17. Want to know more about our DataSpace Office Live account?
We have a new webpage dedicated to DataSpace Office Live so that you can learn more about our specialist account. DataSpace Office combines a back office system, document management and client portal all in one place online in DSLive with solutions for everything related to processing, assessing, consulting and approving applications as well as managing your department. Take a look here>
15.03.17. Previewing DataSpace Office Live at the conference / download a leaflet about our new releases
We'll be at the LABC Conference next week and talking about our DataSpace Office Live account which provides authorities with a back office, document management and a client portal all in one place online, so why not come and have a chat. We'll also be happy to demonstrate our newest releases to DSLive such as PlanCheck, DSLive Reports and Standard Forms. Read More>
15.03.17. PlanCheck Brochure
PlanCheck is our brand new solution online in DSLive where authorities can carry out all their plan-checking tasks and notify applicants and agents of any outstanding issues. Find out more by downloading our PlanCheck Brochure here>
28.02.17. Take a look at our preview screenshots of DSLive Reports, PlanCheck, Standard Forms & User Admin Tool
Take a look at some preview screenshots of our new projects coming to DSLive soon including PlanCheck, DSLive Reports, Standard Forms and a User Admin Tool. View them here>

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