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Here you can find guide-sheets and manuals for using DataSpace Live and its modules as well as other useful resources and articles. The content of our guide-sheets range from basic beginner subscriber level to the more intermediate and advanced subscriber. You will also find a link to our Submit-a-Plan Guide at the bottom page with guide-sheets created to assist the applicant and agent in using Submit-a-Plan to submit and track their applications. If you have any questions or requests for new guide-sheets, feel free to contact us at any time on the contact details at the end of this page.

Basic Functionality>

Finding an Application

This document covers how to find an application and the different application search options provided by DSLive. 


Viewing an Application

This guide demonstrates how to open, view and download applications and their documents in DSLive.


Sending a Message

This guide teaches you how to send and receive a message from an applicant or agent within DSLive.


Updating a Status

Updating an application's status is a great way to keep your applicant or agent updated about their application's progress.


Adding Documents

Add additional or revised documents to an application that has been submitted to your authority.


Advanced Functionality>

The Document Viewer

Learn how to use our advanced viewing, measuring and calibration tools of the DSLive Document Viewer.


Scanned Applications

Create electronic applications from scanned or emailed documents using the 'Create' button in DSLive.


Adding an Application ID

If you have the Qwik Fill tool, you can add your application or back office ID's to applications in DSLive.


Introduction to Qwik Fill

How to register application details to your back office system quickly and add your own ID's to applications.


Adding Document Folders

How to add document folders to organise your application documents.


Client Folder

Share approval certificates & other documents instantly with the client.


Standard Forms

Creating and sharing approval certificates & other documents in DSLive.


DSLive Reports

Creating reports in DSLive about applications, inspections & other data.


User Admin Tool

The admin tool is for managing some of your authority's own settings & modules.


Module Manuals>

PlanShare Manual

A full instruction manual for using PlanShare, our information sharing and consultation solution in DSLive.


Inspections Manual

A full instruction manual for our Inspection Module including the Inspections App & Inspections Tab in DSLive.


Payment Engine

A full instruction manual for our payment engine module that enables authorities to request and receive application payment.


User Admin Tool

A draft instruction manual for our user admin tool for managing some of your authority's own settings & modules.



PlanCheck enables authorities to assess and comment on plans against a ‘Required Check List’ online within DSLive.


Site Contact App

The Site Contact App enabels authority to send inspection details, results and updates to site contacts.


Problem Solving>

Downloading Documents

If you are having problems downloading documents, this document may help you identify the cause.


Unblocking Popups

If you are having problems viewing documents, you may simply need to allow popups for DSLive. Here's how...


Other Resources and Articles>

Marketing Resource

Steps for Promoting electronic submission through SAP to your applicants & agents. 


Submit-a-Plan & Efficiency

An overview of how Submit-a-Plan can improve your department's efficiency.


Authority Case Studies

Learn how Submit-a-Plan & DSLive has helped local authorities improve their department efficiency.


DSLive Reporting

Ceate reports on the hundreds of applications, inspections and invoices.


Technology Online

DSLive - a modern, technological efficient & virtually connected Local Authority building control.


Transparency for Owners

PlanShare could be an integral tool in the demand for more transparency for new build owners.


Submit-a-Plan & Efficiency

Creating a more efficient, electronic Building Control application process for Local Authorities.


Sharing & Consulting

Application consultation has been a hassle but now we can relegate its problems to the past.


Adapting to Change  

Meeting obstacles and challenges in your department.


Submit-a-Plan Support

In this section you can download guide-sheets and information for applicants and agents on using Submit-a-Plan to submit electronic applications. You can also watch the video tutorials which are available for applicants on our Submit-a-Plan YouTube Support Channel. Enter>

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