30.06.16. Carlisle 'Very Impressed' with PlanShare!

For the last few months Carlisle Building Control have been testing out our application and information sharing solution PlanShare. Carlisle were frequent users of our previous consultation solution Consult Live and we're delighted to hear their very positive reaction to its replacement PlanShare. PlanShare makes sharing applications and other information with applicants, agents, consultees or local and fire authorities quicker, easier and more efficient. The simple dragging and dropping of documents into a folder and then sharing that folder with an email address makes sharing documents hassle free and it all happens in DSLive alongside your applications, with the ability to easily switch between viewing the folders you've shared and the original applications. 

But this is far from all, the consultee can access the consultation in their own DSLive account and are provided with advanced tools for viewing, measuring, marking up documents and posting comments. Any activity and comments posted within the PlanShare are logged and able to be viewed and responded to by the authority and other consultees, creating not only a dynamic shared consultation space but also a complete audit trail. Finally the design of PlanShare and optional 'sharing' settings allow you to protect and control the privacy of your confidential applications and data.  

 Gillian Boyd of Carlisle had this to say about PlanShare:

"I am very impressed with PlanShare. It is easy to use, quicker, and separates the documents into relevant folders making it more understandable for the officers and agents alike."

 Thanks Gillian, we hope you continue to enjoy using PlanShare.

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