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Here you can find tips and tutorial videos for using DataSpace Live and its modules as well promotional videos. We try to keep our videos under ten minutes and they range from basic beginner subscriber level to the more intermediate and advanced subscriber. You will also find a link to our Submit-a-Plan Guide at the bottom page with videos created to guide the applicant and agent in using Submit-a-Plan to submit and track their applications. If you have any questions or requests for new videos, feel free to contact us at any time on the contact details at the end of this page.

Basic Functionality>


Sending a message to an applicant 

Tutorial Video

Local authorities can correspond with applicants and agents about applications using the DSLive ‘Email’ tool. A message sent goes directly into the authority or applicant/agent's Submit-a-Plan account and they are also sent a notification of a new message received.


Updating an application's status

Tutorial Video

Updating an application status is quick and easy and not only allows everyone in your department to see the stage an application has reached, but also the applicant or agent. 


Adding additional documents

Tutorial Video

Although this tutorial was created for applicants and agents, the process for uploading additional or revised documents to an application is similar for local authority users.

Intermediate & Advanced Level>


Creating scanned applications

Tutorial Video

The 'Create' button on your DataSpace Live toolbar allows you to create an application using your own documents which may have been scanned or emailed or posted to you. You will be presented with simplified forms with only minimal information to complete, and DSLive can automatically pull information from your back office system to speed up the process.


An introduction to Qwik Fill

Tutorial Video

Qwick Fill' is an extremely useful tool. Add your own Application or Back Office IDs to applications in DSLive or quickly transfer application and applicant details from DSLive applications to your own Back Office system, making registering applications easy.


Add a Back Office ID to applications

Tutorial Video

Add your own Application ID or Back Office ID numbers to applications in DSLive using Qwik Fill. Once added you are then able to searchfor applications in DSLive using those ID numbers.

Problem Solving>


Unblock Pop-ups

If you are having problems viewing documents, you may need to allow popups for DSLive, see how to do this in this video.



Coming soon!

The Submit-a-Plan Guide

In this section you can download guide-sheets and information for applicants and agents on using Submit-a-Plan to submit electronic applications. You can also watch the video tutorials which are available for applicants on our Submit-a-Plan YouTube Support Channel. Enter>

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