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15.08.19 IApply Replacement

We’ve recently been informed by some of our customers that there may be questions about the future of the IApply service. We understand this is probably causing any of those potentially affected a lot of anxiety, but don’t panic, Submit-a-Plan can provide a similar solution that is quick and easy to set up, with minimal disruption to you or your clients and is competitively priced! Read more...

07.08.19 New Updates to our Inspection Solutions

We've been carrying out some updates to our inspection solutions. All our updates are aimed at improving the efficiency and ease of use our our various inspection apps and DSLive modules. Read more...

20.11.17 Our new 'Live Overview' tab - live application summary at a glance!

In a traditional application file there is normally a cover sheet which notes or summarises the main details of the application. Now within DataSpace Live however, this has become an online, live and much more efficient electronic version entitled the “Live Overview”. Read more...

30.10.17 Our Applicant & Agent Client Portal! Everything your client needs!

Did you know that we provide applicants and agents with the most advanced client application portal? Our Submit-a-Plan applicant and agent accounts offer 24hr online submission, the upload of additional or revised documents and online application status tracking, but they also boast an extensive list of more advanced functionality, all available in one place online in their accounts. Read more...​​

30.10.17 Carlisle subscribes to both our Inspections Module and Archive Scanning Service!

Carlisle is the latest authority to subscribe to both our Inspections Module and our archive scanning service. Carlisle’s Surveyors will be using the ‘Inspections’ tab in DSLive to schedule and manage their inspection bookings and results while also making use of our mobile and tablet Inspections App to carry out inspection visits on site (online or offline). They will also be sending us their boxes of paper applications to be scanned and uploaded to their DSLive application archive, making them instantly accessible as electronic applications and freeing up expensive council office space. Find out more about our Inspections Module & App> or our range of Scanning Services>

30.10.17 Building Control Solutions try out our new PO Box address for Paper Application Scanning.

Our brand new PO Box Scanning address enables applicants and agents to send their paper applications directly to our Scanning Bureau where we can then scan and upload them as electronic apps to your DSLive account by the same day or guaranteed next day, a more economical option than authorities scanning applications themselves. Building Control Solutions are the first authority to try out our new PO Box... Read More>​

04.10.17. DSLive Article: The Client Folder and Sharing Standard Documents

Recently we’ve introduced the ‘Client’ folder, purposefully developed for the quick sharing of information with the applicant or agent who submitted an application through the Submit-a-Plan Portal. Read the full article on our blog>​

04.10.17. Site Contact Brochure

Interested in our Site Contact App? Why not download our new brochure here> or from our main Brochures page>

04.10.17. New DSLive Manuals

If you were interested in seeing how some of our latest modules and tools work, we've added some draft manuals to our DSLive Help Hub guide-sheet section. While some of the details and processes may change slightly, these guides will give you a good idea of how our new Plan-Checking, Reports, Standard Forms, User Admin Tool and Site Contact App work and can assist your department(s). DSLive Guide-sheets> Also if you are interested in what we're working on for DSLive at the moment, you can keep an eye on what's coming soon on our DSLive Development page>​

27.09.17. ‘Building Control Solutions’ increase their Submit-a-Plan Applications with just a few simple changes to their building control website!

Submit-a-Plan and DSLive are designed to offer a complete and advanced electronic online solution that not only improves the efficiency of application submission and approval, but also the overall efficiency of how Building Control departments operate. Integral to this is electronic applications submitted online. If you are already receiving electronic applications through the Submit-a-Plan portal you are already off to a good start, but do all of your customers know about the service or know that it is your ‘preferred’ method of application?  ‘Building Control Solutions’ (Wokingham, West Berks, Windsor & Maidenhead), recently improved the way in which they promote electronic submission via Submit-a-Plan on their website and these few simple adjustments have seen the number of their electronically submitted applications increase by approximately 30% already, and so improving efficiency for their department. Congrats guys!

To read more about how 'Building Control Solutions' managed this and to download our 'Submit-a-Plan Marketing Resource' for some quick tips on adjusting your own building control webpages, read more here...

19.09.17. Initial Notices can now be registered in DataSpace Live!

As well as all of the other application types, initial notices can now be registered into DataSpace Live. We will also shortly release a new form that can be made available for Approved Inspectors to fill in online and which will be submitted instantly to the building control team and into DataSpace Live. This can be enabled on a per Authority basis so please let us know if you would like to be added.

19.09.17. We now hire tablets to authorities!

If you interested in trying out our Inspections App you may wish to hire a tablet from us. You can hire a tablet for £50 for a month with a limit of one tablet per authority. Long term hire rates are available on request.​​

19.09.17. DSLive Inspection App now on Google Play and the Apple App Store to download!

Fancy trying out our mobile and tablet inspections app? You can now download the app from the Google Play or the Apple App Store and if you request some app login details from us, we can then set you up with a demo inspection to have a play around with. So ... 1. download the app 2. request login 3. give it a go...easy. Find out more about DSLive Inspections.

11.09.17. Luton ready to embark on daily scanning of their paper applications

Luton are another authority set to begin the scanning and uploading of all paper or emailed applications they receive to their DSLive account. The ‘Create’ button in DSLive provides the opportunity for authorities to quickly and easily upload all such applications to be processed and approved with all the same tools and functionality of DSLive that authorities use to process their electronic Submit-a-Plan apps. Read More...​

11.09.17. The ‘Client’ Folder – Coming soon to DSLive

Shortly DSLive will see the addition of a new ‘Client’ folder to the application ‘Documents’ tab. The ‘Client’ folder enables authorities to quickly and easily share documents with the applicant/agent such as completion certificates or inspection documents. Read More...

15.07.17. Brighton and Hove tool up for site inspections...

The surveyors at Brighton and Hove,will be carrying out site inspections tooled up with the latest Samsung tablets and the Dataspace Building Control Inspection App. “The main aim is to reduce the time spent retrieving application details and recording site inspections.  I am confident that this will give my surveyors more time to look after our customers and  deliver an even better service.” Read More...​

24.04.17. User Admin Tool

Soon to be released is new our 'User Admin Tool' which enables authorities themselves to control some of their DSLive users, settings and information as well as creating reports. Find out more about the Admin Tool here>

24.04.17. Blog Article: DSLive and Electronic Application Archiving

Does your office need a spring clean? Transforming your old paper applications into an electronic app archive comes with a number of benefits and with DSLive you can achieve this quickly and easily, whether using the 'Create Application' and uploading scanned or emailed documents or enlisting our scanning bureau to do this for you for great quality at a low cost. Read the article on our blog...

28.03.17. Want to know more about DataSpace Office Live?

We have a new webpage dedicated to DataSpace Office Live so that you can learn more about our specialist account. DataSpace Office combines a back office system, document management and client portal all in one place online in DSLive with solutions for everything related to processing, assessing, consulting and approving applications as well as managing your department. Take a look here>

15.03.17. Previewing DataSpace Office Live at the conference

We'll be at the LABC Conference next week and talking about our DataSpace Office Live account which provides authorities with a back office, document management and a client portal all in one place online, so why not come and have a chat. We'll also be happy to demonstrate our newest releases to DSLive such as PlanCheck, DSLive Reports and Standard Forms. Read More>

06.03.17. St Albans subscribe to Submit-a-Plan 

A big welcome to St Albans building control have just subscribed to Submit-a-Plan to receive and process their applications online in DSLive. We wish them the best of luck!​

06.03.17. Submit-a-Plan Application Numbers rising!

Great news! The number of applications submitted through Submit-a-Plan are continuing to rise, so congratulations to everyone on their achievements!​

28.02.17. Take a look at our preview screenshots of DSLive Reports, PlanCheck, Standard Forms 

Take a look at some preview screenshots of our new projects coming to DSLive soon including PlanCheck, DSLive Reporting, Standard Forms and a User Admin Tool. View them here>

10.02.17. DSLive & Integration 

What is ‘Integration’? Integration can be defined as a combination of parts that work well together. Within DataSpace Live, integration means providing authorities with everything they need in one place. Here at Submit-a-Plan we like to ask local authorities what tasks they undertake every day and then we go away and build solutions into DSLive that will enable them to carry these out. This issue/below we look at the different ways DSLive achieve this to make life easier for building control departments on a daily basis, saving time, effort and money along the way....Read More>

01.02.17. NEW VIDEO: Is the Planning Portal's online Building Control application service about to introduce your Partners to Approved Inspectors?

Here at Submit a Plan HQ we are watching the developments on the Planning Portal carefully and thought it might be useful to share with you an email sent to the LABC board recently...  Watch the video here>

31.01.17. 2016 Application Review - App numbers on SAP continue to rise

Happy New Year! With the December Submit-a-Plan application numbers finally in we can now reveal that during the last year the number of applications being submitted through Submit-a-Plan once again continued to rise significantly, with more applications submitted in 2016 than in 2015, and the year before that, and the year before that, I’m sure you get the picture! Hurrah and congratulations to you all! :) Read More>

31.01.17. Coming to DSLive in 2017...

We have some projects set to be released this year that we are very excited about and hope will become invaluable tools used by authorities on a daily basis, including PlanCheck, DSLive Reporting, a User Admin Tool and potentially a Local Authority Resource Hub. You can find out more about these here: Read More>

31.01.17. Rotherham using DSLive as their Document Management System

We are also pleased to see Rotherham Building Control using DataSpace Live as their Document Management System. The team are now registering all their applications in DSLive, including those which Submit-a-Plan imports from the Planning Portal and those received by post or email. Rotherham also use our 'Workflow' tool..Read More>

30.01.17. Free PlanShare Phone Training  

We're offering free PlanShare phone training for any authority who wishes to try out sending folders of documents from DSLive. View our PlanShare demo page here>

30.01.17. New blog article: Adapting to change in 2017 

Its that time of year when Building Control Managers are wondering what obstacles and challenges may be thrown at them in the year ahead... Read the article Blog>

30.01.17. Southend-on-Sea subscribe to online application payment. 

We are also pleased to announce that Southend-on-Sea Borough Council have subscribed to our our 'Payment Engine Module', enabling them to receive online debit and credit card payments from applicants through Submit-a-Plan by integrating their DSLive account with their own online payment system. The authority can send, monitor and re-send payment requests to the applicant or agent straight from the application in DSLive. Read More>

21.12.16. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Ho ho ho, well who would believe the year is almost out, 2016 has certainly flown by! We hope you had a great year! Although the December numbers are not yet in from the looks of things it has also been a great year for apps with many beating the total number of applications they received through Submit-a-Plan in 2015, so well done to everyone! We'd like to send out a big thank you to all our subscribers and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Christmas Support: our offices are closed from 24th December and reopen 3rd January. We will still be available for urgent support however - call us on 01242 260505 or send an email marked as urgent to

21.12.16. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Ho ho ho, well who would believe the year is almost out, 2016 has certainly flown by! We hope you had a great year! Although the December numbers are not yet in from the looks of things it has also been a great year for apps with many beating the total number of applications they received through Submit-a-Plan in 2015, so well done to everyone! We'd like to send out a big thank you to all our subscribers and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Christmas Support: our offices are closed from 24th December and reopen 3rd January. We will still be available for urgent support however - call us on 01242 260505 or send an email marked as urgent to

21.12.16. PlanCheck - our new plan-checking solution in DSLive

Head over to our PlanCheck page to view a taster screenshot of new solution for PlanChecking in DSLive PlanCheck>​

21.12.16. PlanShare Videos!

If you head over to our PlanShare Demo page, you'll be able to watch an introductory demo video about PlanShare as well as a simpel sharing instruction video incase you'd like to have a go sharing a folder of application documents yourself! For a limited time we've given everybody access to the PlanShare tab in DSLive so you can test sharing yourself. To share you need to have the 'documents' tab selected in an application and click on the 'Create Folder' button. Watch our short videos to get started here PlanShare Videos>

01.12.16. New Homes Review - Home Owner Survey

With the recent findings of the All Parliamentary Group for Excellence in the Built Environment regarding new build home and owner satisfaction, a new homeowner survey has been established called the New Homes Review. Based on feedback directly from new home owners, the annual report ‘will provide a unique, independent insight into the quality of new homes being built for sale and the level of customer satisfaction’ and the results will be ‘collated, analysed and fed back to developers, builders and the new homes construction industry’ say the New Homes Review team. The survey can be found on their website here>

01.12.16. DSLive Help Hub

For a while we've been wanting to create a space where local authorities can find information and help in relation to Submit-a-Plan and DataSpace Live and voila...our DSLive Help Hub is now here! On the Help Hub you will be able to download guide-sheets or watch video tutorials for using DSLive and its various modules as well download brochures, keep up to date with news, read blog articles about DSLive and the building control industry and view the latest building control jobs available. The DSLive Help Hub is for local authorities only so can only be accessed with a special url link (which you can request from us) or by logging in to your DSLive account and following the link provided in your account profile.

01.12.16. Resolution Building Control Jobs Board

If you haven't already discovered it, we have a brand new Jobs Board for current vacancies in Local Authority Building Control. Visit our Jobs Board here> Want to advertise a vacancy for free? Simply send us the details to

01.12.16. Noticed anything different about DSLive?

If you haven't already noticed, take a quick look at your DSLive menu and you'll find you suddenly have a PlanShare and Inspections tab. Why is this? We simply thought that you may wish to take a tour of the solutions yourselves, so why not have a look around and see what you think. If you like what you see, why not call us for a chat or ask us to give you a proper demo.

31.10.16. The 'Application' Button

Many of you may already have become familiar with the 'Application' button that was recently added to the 'My Mail' tab and also 'PlanShare'. For those of you who haven't, its a very handy button indeed. In 'My Mail' it appears at the bottom of any email sent to your DSLive inbox from an applicant or agent and allows you to quickly open the relevant application in DSLive. When working in 'PlanShare', our information sharing and consultation solution situated within DSLive, it enables you to switch back and forth between viewing the consultation and its relevant application instantly. In both instances this reduces your need to search for applications, saving you even more time and effort! Hurrah!

31.10.16. New Feature: Document Folder Templates

Do you use our 'Create Folder' button to organise application documents? Great then you'll love this! Soon you will be able to make templates of the folders you like to create so adding them in the future will be easy peasy lemon squeazy! If you use PlanShare, these folders can also be shared with individual or groups of email addresses making sharing and consultations quick and simple! Time for a cup of tea then!

31.10.16. Happy Halloween!

Have a spooktastic day!

30.10.16. First Glimpse of our Site Manager's App!

And here it is! We've mentioned our latest addition to 'DSLive Inspections' a few times recently but now we have our first peek at it, simply click on the link below! Our Site Manager's App will enable Site Managers to receive live updates about inspections and even request inspection visits from the local authority. The app can be used on a phone or a tablet and fully synchs with DataSpace Live, meaning information and requests are received instantly by the authority or the Site Manager. The app is aimed at improving efficiency and communication in the building control process and also therefore the satisfaction of your clients. Take a sneak peek on our DSLive Inspections> page. We look forward to showing you more soon!

18.10.16. New Blog Post: 'DSLive Reporting'

‘What we really need is to be able to create reports!’, we were recently told by some of our Building Control Manager friends. ‘Ok we can do that’, we replied happily, and thus the idea of ‘DSLive Reporting’ was quickly born. The concept behind DSLive Reports? Read an article about DSLive Reporting on our blog page.

30.09.16. New Blog Post: 'Transparency for New Build Home Owners'

Recently there has been an increasing call for more transparency and better information being given to the purchasers of new build homes. But what does this actually mean and how can our new information sharing solution PlanShare help? Read ourarticle on our Blog>

27.09.16. Site Manager's App under development!

Following the release of our Inspections Module and App, we are now developing a Site Manager's App. The Site Manager's App will enable Site Manager's to receive live updates on inspections and even request inspection visits from the Local Authority. The App aims to improve client satisfaction by facilitating more transparency and better information sharing during the building control process. Watch this space!

27.09.16. DSLive Reports!

With hundreds of applications, inspection reports and invoices to manage, we know that being able to create reports in DSLive would be an extremely useful function to have, so thats what we're working on at the moment. We've already added this function to our inspections tab enabling authorities to create a report of all inspections related to an application and so far we've had positive feedback. Watch this space for reports to monitor other areas, such as application numbers and invoice payments. The ability to easily create a report in DSLive related to the amount of work or money coming into a department we feel will add to the efficiency of managing a building control department in a big way. This may be particularly useful for partnerships who have a number of different departments working together but which still need to be reported on individually. We look forward to 'reporting' on our progress in the near future!

26.09.16. Free Submit-a-Plan Trials

We offer a free trial for our 'Submit-a-Plan View' account which is our basic paid subscriber account and allows you to receive, archive, view and download full electronic applications with documents and plans through the portal. It also allows you to upload additional or revised documents, create scanned applications, update an application's status, view work sites on Google Maps and email applicants and agents. Please contact us for more details or download a brochure on our Brochures> page.

26.09.16. Submit-a-Plan and Efficiency Guide

Here at Submit-a-Plan we have a long-term vision to create a more efficient, online building control for Local Authorities, their clients, their partners and their consultees. Submit-a-Plan and DataSpace Live not only improves the submission and approval process however, but can also significantly improve the efficiency of your entire department and its spending. To find out how Submit-a-Plan can improve efficiency for your department in many areas, download a full guide here: Submit-a-Plan and Efficiency>

26.09.16. Submit-a-Plan Authority Marketing Resource

This marketing resource provides guidance on some simple but effective steps your authority can follow to promote and increase electronic submission through Submit-a-Plan. Increasing your electronic applications through Submit-a-Plan by following these steps has been proven to improve efficiency and generate financial savings for local authority building control departments. The resource comes with our Submit-a-Plan logos, web-text, applicant brochures and leaflets for your use. Throughout this document you will find web-links where you can download them but we can also send these to you by email (just ask). The steps are easy to follow but if you need any assistance or guidance, we're here to help! Marketing Resource>

26.09.16. Local Authority DSLive Case Studies

There are many ways that Submit-a-Plan and DataSpace Live can help your authority, whatever your current situation is. We've put together three mini case studies that demonstrate how a specific element of DSLive has helped improved efficiency for a Local Authority Building Control department. Authority Case Studies>

13.09.16. PlanShare Brochure

PlanShare is our new application document and information sharing solution. Download a brochure on our PlanShare> page.

17.08.16 Welcome to Salford City Council.

Salford City Council are the latest Authority to become a member of the National Local Authority Building Control portal Submit a Plan. We'd like to welcome them and wish them good luck!

17.08.16. 74,000 registered applicants and agents on Submit-a-Plan!

We are delighted and proud to announce that we currently have over 74,000 applicants and agents registered to Submit-a-Plan. Hurrah! This significant number of users demonstrates the rising demand to submit applications to authorities online and through the Submit-a-Plan portal in particular. It is clear that the quick and easy process of submission, the advanced applicant and agent accounts offered and the great service they receive from authorities through the portal makes Submit-a-Plan an increasingly popular choice for the submission of building control applications. With around 12,000 new applicant and agents and more and more authorities joining us every year, the move towards and demand for a more modern, efficient, online, electronic building control process appears to be gaining great momentum. Congratulations to everyone on their hard work and achievements!

14.07.16. Did you know: Advice on Department Efficiency

You may not know that here at Submit-a-Plan we can provide advice and guidance on how to improve efficiency of your department, including how to save money, space, time, manpower, reduce your carbon footprint and improve quality and accuracy. Our two Directors established Submit-a-Plan as it is known today all the way back in 1985 so they really know their stuff and how Submit-a-Plan and DSLive can help your department, no matter what your specific situation is. Best of all our authority success stories can prove that our advice does work. Why not contact us for a chat to find out more.

06.07.16. Quick Look: PlanShare Address Book

One of the useful little features of our application and information sharing solution PlanShare is our online PlanShare Address Book situated in DSLive. Authority users can add all their contacts to their address book making sharing applications or other documents with consultees or other authorities quick and easy. More about PlanShare>

05.07.16. Quick Look: Inspection Audio Comments

New to our mobile and tablet Inspections App are audio comments! Up until now when completing one of our electronic inspection reports on your device you could add comments by typing them in with your device's touch-screen keypad, but now we've also added audio comments to make life even easier! Simply press our 'audio' button to start recording your comment and upload it with your completed inspection report to the application in DSLive. Nifty! More about Inspections>

30.06.16. LABC Super Stars!

Thirteen employees of Local Authority Building Control teams in England & Wales have won the LABC Superstar Awards, nominated by their own work colleagues because they always go the extra mile to support their customers, protect the public or improve their departments’ performance. Congratulations to the winners! View the winners here> 

30.06.16. RICS at 150! Happy Birthday!

On 15th June 1868 twenty Surveyors met at the Westminster Palace Hotel and appointed a sub-committee that would draw up resolutions, bye-laws and regulations in order to establish a professional association representing surveyors and the growing property profession. To celebrate their birthday RICS have published on their website some interesting stories from their last 150 years. Read them here> 

30.06.16. Carlisle 'Very Impressed' with PlanShare!

For the last few months Carlisle Building Control have been testing out our application and information sharing solution PlanShare. Carlisle were frequent users of our previous consultation solution Consult Live and we're delighted to hear their very positive reaction to its replacement PlanShare. PlanShare makes sharing applications and other information with applicants, agents, consultees or local and fire authorities quicker, easier and more efficient. The simple dragging and dropping of documents into a folder and then sharing that folder with an email address makes sharing documents hassle free and it all happens in DSLive alongside your applications, with the ability to easily switch between viewing the folders you've shared and the original applications. More...

30.06.16. West Berkshire join Building Control Solutions on Submit-a-Plan!

We are delighted to welcome to Submit-a-Plan West Berks Building Control who have recently joined forces with Windsor, Maidenhead and Wokingham at Building Control Solutions. Building Control Solutions began accepting electronic applications shortly after the partnership was formed and following a relationship between Submit-a-Plan and Wokingham reaching back to 2007. We'd like to thank Building Control Solutions for their continued custom and wish them the best of luck!

04.12.15. Welcome Gloucestershire Building Control Partnership!

We are pleased to announce that Gloucestershire Building Control Partnership are now accepting electronic applications on Submit-a-Plan! This follows an existing relationship between Submit-a-Plan and Stroud District Council Building Control. Stroud recently joined forces with Gloucester City Council to form the new Gloucestershire Building Control Partnership and we were very pleased to hear they would be renewing their subscription with Submit-a-Plan. Welcome Gloucestershire Building Control Partnership! We look forward to working with you!

04.12.15. Want to know more about Submit-a-Plan?

If you would like to find out more about Submit-a-Plan but you missed us at the LABC Conference, why not call us for a chat, request an online demo or brochure or ask us to come and see you! We can give you demonstrations of all the services Submit-a-Plan, DSLive and Consult Live have to offer. We can show you what's new across our accounts, from our free of charge account right up to our premium 'Office' account. With 'Submit-a-Plan Office' being our newest account,  we can demonstrate it's advanced, cutting edge tools, such as  application workflow, office document creation, and our mobile and tablet inspections app. We can also  tell you about its integration modules - back office integration, inspections integration, application payment integration, planning integration, application scanning integration and our bespoke data import service. Download a brochure on our Brochures> page or contact us for a chat, we'd love to hear from you!

04.12.15. Submit-a-Plan experiences a surge of authority partnerships signing up!

In the past few months we've had four new building control partnerships signing up to Submit-a-Plan and we couldn't be more chuffed! The four include Building Control Solutions (Windsor & Royal Borough with Wokingham), East Midlands Building Control Partnership (Rushcliffe with South Kesteven), Gloucestershire Building Control Partnership (Stroud with Gloucester City) and Warwick Building Control Partnership (Warwick with Rugby and Daventry). This recent increase of partnerships wishing to join Submit-a-Plan follows existing relationships between Submit-a-Plan and some of these authorities and also an increasing awareness of our 'Partnership Configuration' that makes processing and approving applications submitted to partnerships quick, easy and efficient. More...

29.10.15. Submit-a-Plan Brochure for Applicants and Agents

We've created a brochure about Submit-a-Plan and its online building control application service for applicants and agents. If an applicant or agent has a question about Submit-a-Plan or just wants to know how it works before using the portal to submit their application, they can find details in the brochure about Submit-a-Plan and electronic applications, our Submit-a-Plan applicant and agent accounts and the different services authorities can offer through Submit-a-Plan for processing and approving applications. Applicant & Agent Brochure>

29.10.15. East Midlands Building Consultancy join Submit-a-Plan!

We are delighted to announce that Rushcliffe and South Kesteven's new building control partnership 'East Midlands Building Consultancy' will now be accepting electronic applications on Submit-a-Plan! The new contract follows our valued relationship with Rushcliffe since 2007 and we now look forward to working with their partnership. Welcome East Midlands Building Consultancy!

29.10.15. New Inspections Module Brochure

Here at Resolution we have released a brand new building control Inspections App for mobile and tablet devices that works offline in rural and remote areas. With a brand new Inspections tab in DataSpace Live, the system local authorities use to receive and process applications, the Inspections Module is much more than just an App however. In DataSpace Live the Inspections Module will allow you can schedule, manage and sign off on inspections, assigning officers, calculating routes between visits and uploading inspection data and photos captured using the App to applications in DSLive. But don't just take our word for it! Download our new Inspections Module>

05.10.15. New Submit-a-Plan Digital Brochure!

Want to find out more about Submit-a-Plan, DataSpace Live and Consult Live? We've been creating some new digital brochures introducing our different online systems for submitting, processing, approving and consulting on building control applications. The brochures provide a specification break-down of our Submit-a-Plan Authority accounts which range from free of charge to our premium advanced account, with descriptions of their available tools and integrated modules for processing, approving and consulting on applications. In addition the brochures provide an explanation of how our systems work and the solutions they provide to problems commonly experienced in local authority building control - staff shortage, high printing and scanning costs, high volumes of low quality application scanning and limited application archive storage. Online brochure>

05.10.15. Thank you for popping by at the LABC Conference 2015!

It was great to catch up with some old local authority building control friends and meet some new ones at the LABC Conference earlier this month! We had our usual stand and many of you stopped by for a chat and a demonstration of our new Mobile and Tablet Inspections App which caused a bit of excitement. Didn't get a chance to pop by at the conference? Download our DSLive Inspections Module brochure or our other Submit-a-Plan Brochures from which you can learn about our systems and all the services we offer at Submit-a-Plan. Brochures>

07.07.15. Submit-a-Plan YouTube Channel!  

Applicants and agents can now find video tips and tutorials on our Submit-a-Plan YouTube Channel! Why not have a look at: Submit-a-Plan Channel>                                                                        

28.05.15. Happy 30th Birthday Resolution! 

It's been 30 years since Resolution was registered as a company! Resolution is very proud of it's achievements to date, making great advances to online building control application and processing for local authorities, with our well known online systems DataSpace Live, Consult Live and Submit-a-Plan - the LABC National Portal for electronic and offline building control applications! We have some exciting projects up our sleeves so heres to the future and the next 30 years! 

13.04.15. Visit us on LinkedIn!

We now have Resolution AND Submit-a-Plan LinkedIn pages! Add us to keep up to date with news and tips about our services! Resolution LinkedIn> and Submit-a-Plan LinkedIn>

19.03.15. Welcome to our new Resolution company website!

Here on our new company website you'll find information, news and tips about all the services Resolution has to offer. 

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